Here Gary builds a hood for a Parnelli Jones recreation "Calhoun" car.

Those who practice the art of Metal forming are far and few between.  This hood was created using .063 3003 H 14 aluminum and there is no filler or bondo in any of it.  I had to create it using the section method for lack of a power hammer.

Small size fuel cells,... No need for 70 gallon methanol tanks. Note the c.n.c. machined billet fuel filler. All hand fabricated and even the aluminum has been chrome plated!!!!

Modern safety components like wilwood brakes have been substituted in place of original leaky lobsters. New custom made torsion bars and steering gear units.

These are as close to the originals as possible excluding the 60,000 dollar offenhauser engines. However if you supply the offy we can put it in for you!!! 

Here is a typical... standard 4 cylinder all aluminum d.o.h.c. powerplant provided with completed car. 

All my cars have real gold leaf  lettering and hand painted numbers. Also precision rod ends and quality live rear axles, championship quick change units. Magnesium or Aluminum

built by hand

Babineau Metalworks LLC.